Recent game of Compounded with the upcoming expansion. A play test session with the designer that went pretty smooth. I list by one point.

My Memorial Day gaming:

Tanto Cuore: Romantic Vacations
Dragon Parade


THIS is a dice tower.

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Lords of Waterdeep for the first time ever! :D

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2p Compounded - This game let’s you take the role of a scientist building chemical compounds inside a lab. You trade elements with other scientists to place them on compound cards in order to score points. The scientist who earns the most points at the end is the winner.

The science theme covers every aspect of the game- from the player boards to the scoring track, the periodic table of elements. Great theme and great blend of Euro and American-style gameplay!

Always love it when a post comes up with pictures of a game where I am mentioned in the rule book! LOVE this game! And have been enjoying play testing the expansion with the designer!

Dominion…ah,yes. Inexplicably one of the games I often want to play…

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May I introduce: the best board game in the history of the Universe, and a huge piece of nostalgia from my childhood.  My Dad used to play this with my sister and me when I was only eight and I felt very grown-up because it was for ages 10 to Adult.  He used to turn off the big light and we’d play by the light of a little lamp to create a Victorian atmosphere, and he’d read out the case cards very dramatically, and always choose the ones with Moriarty in them, because they were the best.

His copy of the board game was from the 70s and it was so old and we played it so many times that it fell completely to pieces and we had to throw it out.

Several years ago I got my Dad a vintage version of the game for his birthday - this is the box.  And that’s the Holmes I always pictured when I read the books, because of the game, and those awesome evenings.

Thank you, Dad, for Sherlock! 

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The Landlords Game (1904), a game created to show the absurdity of land ownership. It became later known as Monopoly.

I really try not to reblog Monopoly stuff…but here this is.

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Yeah, I’ll give this some props for being a cool idea.

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