My Arkham Horror set, which includes most of the released expansions, has been distributed across the original expansion boxes since I’ve owned it. This makes it A. kind of a pain to set up (every box has to be opened to remove all of the cards and components) and B. almost impossible to transport. So I’ve had “find a carrier for AH” on my to-do list for quite some time.

    I’d been looking for a plastic part case or storage container, a solution that I’ve seen employed by others who own the game. Over the past few months, I’ve come across a few that might have worked, but one issue with this approach is that the large, clear plastic carrier case is, much less attractive than the original packaging.

    So when my partner spotted this box at the market yesterday, we jumped on it. Here’s the best part, for those who know the mythos: it’s an antique tackle box. It won’t fit the game boards themselves, but we should be able to squeeze in everything else once we add a couple of smaller tray areas. We’re also thinking about getting a new lock for the latch, engraved with an Elder Sign, and possibly a small plate with “H.P.L.” or perhaps “That is not dead which can eternal lie…” to place on the top.

    (via gamesparadise-au)

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