Recent game of Compounded with the upcoming expansion. A play test session with the designer that went pretty smooth. I list by one point.

"Poll: What’s your favorite dice game?"

Reblog with your answer. We’ll post a gallery of your selections later in the week. (via clevermove

Vegas. (Rudiger Dorn, I believe.) Just an amazing little dice game.

Posted 11 months ago

Currently Against Cards Against Humanity

Sorry. This posted first before I could actually write the following text.

As many of my friends and fans know, Cards Against Humanity is currently releasing their Bigger Blacker Box to contain the base game and it’s expansions (preferable to carrying 4 or so smaller boxes.)

However, they have chosen to sell this product through a different method making it impossible to buy this product along with other products at the same time. This forces buyers to use two sources and pay multiple shipping fees. Their other products are available through Amazon, but this one is not and they currently have no plans to make it so.

Well, to try and decrease shipping costs, I made a deal with a friend and he’ll be ordering the one expansion I need when he places his expansions order shortly, and I was going to order his copy of the Bigger Blacker Box. …Except we can’t do that either. The Cards Against Humanity people are limiting the availability of the the BBB to 1 per person. I cannot order 2 and combine shipping.

All in all I understand that I will be considered a whiner. That the shipping isn’t all that much and I just should just suck it up…I get it, first world problems and all that,  

Something about this doesn’t seem right. It feels like a slap in the face to fans who honestly want this product. 

In all my days supporting games, this is the one game I can point to and say that I’ve sold more copies of than any other on a personal level. Face to face, introducing this game to others has resulted in more game sales than any other game I have played with people, or encouraged them to buy in person. 

At this point, I have to withdraw that support until they find a way to make it easier for the fans. They’re making a bad business decision which probably won’t hurt their profits one bit, but it’s definitely costing them a vocal fan. 

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Here’s a photo (taken from BGG credit to game designer David Short) of a game I played tonight, Skyline brought to us by Tasty Minstrel games. First time playing this title. Nice, fun, a little longer than I thought it would be…but that’s okay. 

I won with 112 points. :)


We like strategy games with cool and exciting mechanics, but sometimes you just want something quick and light that reminds you a bit of childhood.  That’s what I got with this battleship card game that I found at a great clearance price at Target.  It’s not a game that will set the world on fire or be rocketing to the top of an BGG lists, but at that price I’ve definitely got my moneys worth.  Gotta love the nostalgia without all the little pegs to loose.

Some friends gave this to me and my bride for our wedding. We haven’t tried it yet. (It was a semi-gag since I deplore Battleship.) I’m not actively avoiding it, we just haven’t tried it yet. Who knows, might give it a whirl tonight before taking on Revolver (from Stronghold Games.)

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Dave and Michael were witness to the first ever unboxing of Dice Hate Me Games’ Compounded board game. Lookin’ good, Chris and Darrell!

This is a video about my friend Darrell’s game Compounded…which has been part of the Unpub program from it’s earliest days. It’s finally becoming a reality. Look at all the awesome!

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Here’s the video from last night’s Live Play of VivaJava: The Coffee Game: The Dice game! Enjoy the shenanigans and learn more about the game from designer T.C. Petty III and publisher Chris Kirkman of Dice Hate Me Games!


One of my favourite parts of #Origins is playing prototypes. New one from @GamelynGames called Fantasy Frontier.

An image from Origins…from a prototype by Gamelyn Games.

Live Play: Princes of the Dragon Throne

Here is the video of the Live Play of Princes of the Dragon Throne we did the other night.  The instructional portion was lost, but is being replaced this weekend.

Posted 1 year ago

We had to postpone it the last time we tried it, but tonight we’ll be doing a live play of Princes of the Dragon Throne at 8pm Eastern Standard Time (USA and all that.)

You can interact with those of us playing the game, as well as the designer (Fred MacKenzie) and publisher Clever Mojo Games!

Check out the Live Play page for more details!

Come interact with us and learn a great new game!