A look at Serpent Stones (last few days on Kickstarter)

Posted 2 years ago

                                         REVIEW: TANTO CUORE

A few weeks ago you wouldn’t have found an anime themed game in my collection. Times have changed. There’s a woman in my life who likes anime, so sometimes games with an anime theme are going to slip into my collection…our collection. If they are as good as Tanto Cuore then I’m going to be okay with this.

To be honest I liked Tanto Cuore when it first appeared as Dominion. Yeah, that was the sales pitch…”It’s just like Dominion, but better.” They didn’t get specific. I didn’t ask. I like Dominion. She likes anime. Where could this go wrong?

Luckily it didn’t go wrong.

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Posted 2 years ago

                                 GUEST REVIEW: RATTUS

“…Oh you took the Knight this turn? So my two cubes are Majority and All?  Dang.”  This was an actual conversation I had playing Rattus.  I was not amused, but my opponents were.

Rattus is a game that draws inspiration from other area majority games, in particular El Grande.  This is not to say that Rattus is a clone or anything, its a bit more back stabby.  Rattus though shares a common bond with El Grande of wanting to be the 2nd place player in each region as the guy in first is likely to take a beating.

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There are a lot of great fires out there. I’d wager every town or city has had a fire they consider great. Chicago, New Orleans(twice!,) and definitely London. Wouldn’t that be a great idea to make a game out of?

You’re probably thinking no, but you’d be wrong. It’s an awesome idea.

One of the favorite games in my gaming group is Pandemic (yes, I’m throwing this comparison out there right off the bat,) and one of the great things about Pandemic is the escalation and control aspect. The diseases will escalate, you need to control them. In Pandemic you do it as a group. In The Great Fire of London, you do it individually…and you may want to control more than you escalate…and you have to be careful not to tip your hat too much.

The Great Fire of London uses the dramatic and emotional core of needing to control an escalating fire before it burns down YOUR buildings and costs you valuable points.

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                                 PREVIEW: SHEEPDOGS OF PENDLETON HILL

I am a big fan of Tammany Hall. Have I mentioned that before? When I was approached by Stratamax Games, the original publishers of Tammany Hall, to take a look at their latest game Sheepdogs of Pendleton Hill I was a little excited.

Having been told by more than one source that this game feels a little like Tammany Hall, I was even a little more excited. It took me a few days to get a group assembled to play the game, but having spent some quality time with theSheepdogs of Pendleton Hill I want to inform you that it’s not Tammany Hall, but it offers a great experience based more on player interaction then cards, widgets, and dice rolls.

Sheepdogs of Pendleton Hill (designed by Max Michael) is a game for a broad audience with simple mechanics based in one layer of randomness and surrounded by player choices that will affect and are affected by your opponents.

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                               SESSION REPORT: SATURDAY JULY 14, 2012

Over the weekend I went camping. You probably didn’t notice a heavy decline in my online presence, but there was one. On Saturday, I actually got to play some games while camping. Not nearly as many games as I took with me, but a couple.

I figured I’d go prepared and took a small bag of games including Bears!, For The Win, Catan Dice, and Carnival.

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                                                 REVIEW: FILL THE BARN

Fill The Barn comes across as fairly typical at first blush. Your plant, grow and harvest. Many games I am accustomed to let you harvest and reap benefits from those harvests, trading goods and selling stuff left and right, Fill The Barn pares the concept down for an easier streamlined feel and a tamer audience.

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                                               REVIEW: SUNRISE CITY

Around this time last year I was knee deep in repetitively playing a game from a company called Clever Mojo Games. That game was Alien Frontiers and I still love it. This year, it’s been slower getting down to actually playing the latest Clever Mojo game, but I finally got it to the table and it’s going to be a little while before I get it off!

I have played Sunrise City and it was good. I was beginning to think the hype I had been hearing couldn’t possibly be true. the game couldn’t be as good as what the others were saying. Truth is, the game is everything I wanted it to be.

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                         GUEST REVIEW: 7 WONDERS: LEADERS

7 Wonders was a game I first encountered at BGG Con 2010.  I didn’t love my initial play and spent the better part of a year dismissing it as overrated.  I had an opportunity to play 7 Wonders with the Leaders expansion one evening and that play changed my mind about the game. 

As most gamers know, 7 Wonders is a drafting game played over 3 ages of 6 turns in each age. Players simultaneously select and play a card to their board and generate some sort of effect for doing so.

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