The Game Designer Panel from Unpub 3.

Posted 1 year ago

                                              Unpub 3View: Intrigue

As we approach Unpub 3 we’re featuring many of the games being presented at the big event.

Jay Treat is bringing several games toUnpub 3 (including a personal favoriteAssault on Khyber Station.) Today, we’re going to talk about one his big guns,Intrigue which is already being reviewed by some publishers.

Intrigue is a trick taking card game set in the renaissance. Each player will serve as a powerful leader scheming to control the city-state amid the chaos of the times. 

Find out what designer Jay Treat has to say about the development and creation of this game in the full Unpub 3View for Intrigue!

First time playing At the Gates of Loyang during tonight’s hurricane. We both enjoyed the game. 

063/365 by SSgtTEX on Flickr.

Aligned by ranzino on Flickr.

Risk Red by RogueSun Media on Flickr.