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So what happened here is, Frodo surpassed Sauron on the corruption scale by the time that Helm’s Deep happened. That was mostly Pippin’s fault (my fault).

Don’t worry. I had a bad game once…We died in Bree (4.) We have no real idea how that happened since we were both experienced players who had played the game (and won) many times. It’s still a legendary game for us. You’ll do better next time! Awesome game!


Omg I did not know that they had an online verision of this game! I need to play it! Also I need to look into playing games online. Also I may have to get a physical copy of the game, I do not own it. I had played the game awhile back at a tea place. 


Hey, That’s My Fish! Love this game. Been playing it a lot lately. I need to get a copy of the physical version.

You guys are in luck! Since Fantasy Flight acquired the rights to the game they’ve repackaged it and made it a lot less expensive. The bits are much smaller, but it works. Got my copy a few months ago for a little over 10 bucks. 

And yeah, I love playing it on IOS. Some times we iPad it up over at my friends. Great game! Fun.

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Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game by Call To Adventure on Flickr.

Battlestar Galactica…the board game. Great game. Very complex. I do like it… want to play it again a few more times even…

Day 22 - Battlestar Galactica Board Game by Dennis Mueller on Flickr.

Great Game! Good Shot!

Session Report: Arkham Horror

After yesterday’s review, I wanted to present some of my experience that led to it.

On Sunday, as part of a Cthulu Game Day at Our Game Table (my FLGS,) I had the opportunity to partially lead and play in a game of Arkham Horror.

I should not be teaching this game. I barely know the game and only just tolerate it. Sadly, through a series of unfortunate events I ended up with the task of not only learning the game, but learning it so I could teach it.

Lucky for me, I didn’t have to go it alone. The store owner, Kathy, was reading up on the rules as well. We kind of tag teamed it, which is good. I had prepared short demos for 4 players, what we had was a seven player game. Continue reading…

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Review: Arkham Horror

I know I’ve teased this review before, but didn’t deliver. I also know that I have yet to finish a game of Arkham Horror, so there are those of you out there who will find my review invalid. I accept all of that. Those are the terms.

Three times in the last 12 months I have sat down to games of Arkham Horror. I have given the game nearly 12 hours of my life and I have yet to finish a game.  I’ve said that twice now. Chances are it’s important to how I feel.

People have told me that I have a problem with the game only because it’s a long game. That if I had finished those games (or any of them) I would probably love the game. I’m just holding the game’s length against it. That’s hogwash. I don’t mind a long game. The fact that I haven’t finished a game of Arkham Horror isn’t my problem with the game. The game’s length is not something I’m going to complain about. 

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The Terrific Game of Thrones Board Game is Full of Violence and Betrayal, Void of Sex

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